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Lamp holder

Category Description
we specialized in manufacturing a wide range of halogen lampholder: G4, G5.3, G6.35, G8, G9, GU10, GZ10,G53, HID lamp holder: G8.5, GX8.5, GX9.5, GY9.5, GX10, G12, GX16D, GY16, G22, GY22, G38, PGJ5, PGZ12. PGZ18. Fluorescent lampholder: G5, G13, 2G7, GR8,G10Q, 2GX13, 2G11, G23, GX23, G24D, GX24Q Bayonet lampholder BA15D, B22 , Edison screws lampholder: E10,E12, E14, E26, E27, E39, E40  lamp holder adapter:GU10 to E27, E27 to GU10, GU10 to E14, E14 to GU10, E27 to E14, E14 to E27, E40 to E27, E27 to E40, etc.