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LED Light Information
2012-07-05 12:06:59


LED Light Information: LED stands for light-emitting diode.LED Lights generate very little heat, which means LED Lights are 90% energy efficient. LED Lights last greater than 60,000 hours. LED lighting last up to ten years or longer! The standard incandescent light bulb last 1,500 hours. LED Lights are shock and vibration resistant. LED lighting has a constant glow and does not flicker like the other types of lights. The LED Light uses solid state lighting "SSL". The LED Bulb, LED Lamp, and other LED Lights are self ballasted using LED energy saving green technology which is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The LED lights don't put out harmful UV rays for the environment. The EPA encourages the use of LED lighting. The LED lights emit the intended color without using a filter to do so. Please do not use florescence light bulbs. They contain mercury which is dangerous and unhealthy for the environment. The fluorescence starter circuit can blow up by using a dimmer switch with a fluorescence light. LED Lighting is also lead free. LED Lighting has no filament that can break resulting the purchase of a new light bulb. The LED Light can be used with a dimmer switch which may cause them to glow or flicker when off because of how energy efficient the LED Lights are. The LED Light Bulb is available in multiple colors for LED decor lighting effects. LED Lights are solid state control unlike fluorescent bulbs which have the metal on the inside that flickers. The LED lighting colors are White, Warm White, Cool White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Amber, Violet and Ultraviolet (Black light) and gradual color changing RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs or color changing. The LED light different colors are also just as energy efficient as the standard white colors. LED lighting give out vivid, pure, and bright light spectrum. The LED white lights work easier on your eyes and are closer to the color of daylight. The RGB is also energy efficient and has all the lights in the light bulb. The LED Light bulb can be used indoors or outdoors such as LED landscape lighting, LED driveway lighting, LED sidewalk lighting and LED garden lighting. Outdoor LED bulbs and LED Lamps include 7 Watt LED bulb, or the 3 Watt LED bulb, LED Globe, LED Candle, LED Flame tip, LED bulbs and LED Lamps. LED Lights can be used with dimmer switches and photo cells. LED lights are able to direct their light unlike the other lights. LED lights turn on in microseconds and are even faster in communications. LED lights save money in other ways as well since they don't take much energy they help with the air conditioner power and other energy using products. LED lights don't interfere with radio waves either. The LED lights are milli-amps (mA) compared to amps used by other lights in terms of current drawn. LED Lights are cool to the touch, unlike hot halogen light bulbs. LED lights withstand constant switching and varying weather change. The LED Light is so energy efficient that it will show the dimmer switch actually loses power when off, i.e. the LED Lights will glow with the dimmer switch off. LED lights are also waterproof and can handle other weather such as cold and heat. LEDs don't generate any RF wavelengths that cause radio interference, or UV (ultraviolet light), unless specified as a UV diode, or IR (infrared), which in turn doesn't attract any insects or bugs. The LED lighting saves money on the cost of bulb replacement and labor costs for replacement. After one year these LED light bulbs pay for themselves.

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