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sense of wall lamp
2013-05-10 02:44:02


Wall lamp Is arguably the most humble home, the household of the lowest Lamp act the role ofing, but don't think so, wall lamp is not important, if you understand the using characteristics of wall lamp, still can let the wall lamp glow different luster.Wall lamp belongs to the interior decoration Lamps and lanterns, usually with milky glass lamp shade;Bulb power in 15 ~ 40 watts around more.The light quietly elegant and harmonious, can adorn the environment elegant, fashion.

Common wall lamp type mainly has the head of a bed wall lamp, mirror wall lamp, wall lamp, etc.

Most of the head of a bed wall lamp is installed in the left of the head of a bed, lamp holder can turn wanxiang, concentrated beam, easy to read;Mirror wall lamp decoration more near the bathroom mirror.

In addition, the effect of wall lamp is good or bad, it is related to the size of the space.Small space, decorate the lamp had better with concise give priority to, the principle of best without wall lamp.If your household space is enough big, installing a wall lamp, also note that the height of the installation should be slightly above eye level.At the same time, the wall light shoulds not be too bright, the space more emotional appeal.

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