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LED-Illuminator or Indicator

LED-Illuminator or Indicator

There has been a lot of talk about LED lighting over the last couple of years. Manufacturers originally made claims that these lights would last 100,000’s of hours and quickly they discovered that this was in fact not the case. Most high quality LED products are rated to 50,000 hours but the truth is that by the time the light fitting has reach half of this usage, it will not be radiating nearly as much light or even the same colour light as it originally did.
Claims that you could (affordably) replace a standard down light with a LED and still achieve the same amount of light were also made and quickly retracted. The reality is thatLED lights will play a major role in the future of the residential lighting industry. This is because high-quality LED’s will last many thousands of hours – long enough to conclude that you will get “a lifetime of use out of each fitting”. They will also use considerably less energy than halogen downlights. However, currently there are many LED downight replacement options that are just not up to scratch. There are some very good, high quality products available, but they are currently not a cost effective solution for general lighting in the mainstream community.
A very effective way to use this technology is as an indicator or task based light source. There are fantastic fixtures available on our website that offer low energy and zero maintenance solutions to task and indicator type fixtures. Good examples of this type of fitting would be outdoor spike lights and deck lights, reading lights, picture lights, step and passage way lighting. LED lighting is very well suited to outdoor use because they will provide many years of maintenance free usage. Therefore, the fittings don’t need to be opened to change globes and the risk of compromising watertight seals is reduced. In addition, LED lights do not generate a lot of heat and so they are immune to the “Siphoning Effect” that has plagued the traditional outdoor halogen fittings (standard halogen globes generate extreme heat and so when they are used outdoors they are prone to the “Siphoning Effect” whereby moisture is sucked into the fitting through any compromised seals or cabling as the light fitting cools down).

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