The modern kitchen lighting design
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The modern kitchen lighting design
2012-07-03 01:57:27


The kitchen light was a god's a beautician, it can make the color of the food texture produce subtle change now, cooking is no longer a simple chores, but a sly interest a glass of red wine dinner, match with romantic lamplight, is enjoying life simple explanation

The kitchen lighting divided into two levels

The kitchen contains numerous learning with the lamp, the space of the light visual effects and functional, these are also most families need to know. Hutch room lighting basic characteristics of traditional to bright. The stove, furnace frame, sinks, work station should have enough intensity of illumination, meet for food, wash dish, cut vegetables, cooking, request to cook cook cooking purely functional primarily. Along with the change of the kitchen space, kitchen equipment increasingly progress beautiful and practical, modern kitchen more and more diversified requirements of lighting, because the kitchen has become a family meal preparation and emotional communication, study, work and entertainment places. Therefore, modern kitchen lighting requirements should also like other room, full of warmth and comfortable sense, both practical and beautiful, bright and pure and fresh, and both the functional sex of the lighting, to give people the feeling of clean and tidy.

Apartment common for small kitchen, mainly for the ceiling lamps and lighting source of regional work lighting, and the stove take lampblack of several cooking local lighting. The space is large villas kitchen, lighting on the design of whole space often cooperate, there are different levels with functional lighting design. That is, the kitchen light requirements must be divided into two levels: one is to the whole kitchen basic lighting; A is for washing, equipment eat, operation of the lighting.

Basic lighting lit up the area, using capacity in 25 to 40 W the ceiling between dome light or droplight, especially with a with embedded absorb dome light, or waterproof dustproof prevent lampblack absorb dome light, this can provide high quality, and the energy saving of the basic lighting. If the kitchen space high enough (2.7 m or so clear height), to install droplight as the light source, droplight not only can then provide excellent lighting, it's still very good adornment items. Necessary, area more than 12 square metre can pack in the kitchen of two or more chandelier.

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